Thursday, October 30, 2014

I NEED this ;)

I need this Ganni skirt from ASOS! I don't really need it (maybe it needs me instead?), but it is nice to add to the imaginary shopping list in my head ;)

Tomorrow is a day off from school for the big boys so they will be going in with me to work for half a day. Oliver has a party at daycare and then, tomorrow night, is Hallowe'en! The boys are so excited! We'll be spending the evening with some good friends of ours so I am excited!

Happy evening to all! xox

Image 1 of Ganni Pencil Skirt

Image 4 of Ganni Pencil Skirt


  1. Beautiful! A bit cold in the upcoming winter ;-)
    Have lots of fun tonight!

    1. Thanks :) I have some great knit leggings... problem solved ;)

  2. That rely a nice skirt almost like on I just bought from H&M, my skirt is just without pockets. :-D