Monday, October 20, 2014

Just along for the ride

When we had only Alexander, participating in activites was pretty easy: we decided what might be fun for him, we tried it, saw if he liked it or not and then either stuck with it or tried something new. Whe Nicka came along, the boys were close enough in age that they could do the same kinds of activities. Nicka was usually one age category down from Alexander and then Andreas and I would split up to take the boys to their event of the day. I will start the next point by saying that I was the one who wanted 3 children. This is the family size that I had always wished for and wanted! Now, getting back to my original point..... having 3 kids, especially with this age difference, makes taking the boys to different activities/sports much more complicated :P Andreas and I can no longer "just divide the task between us" because there are now 3 boys! While Alexander and Nicka still are relatively close in age with respect to their sports/activities, they have left Oliver WAY behind them (3.5 years betweeen Nicka and Oliver and 5.5 years between Alexander and Oliver). What does all this mean? Well, a lot of the time, at least one of them is just along for the ride. Usually it is Oliver that gets dragged to Alexander/Nicka activites but, this weekend, it was the opposite. Since I was alone due to Andreas' own activity (which involved men, coffee and fishing), I had to drag the 2 older boys to Oliver's swim class. Despite initial protest, it all worked out. Anyway, all I have to say is I LOVE TABLETS!!! ;)
Hope you all had a great weekend! We had lots of tablet time... so the boys were happy ;)

We're not bored... anymore ;)

My big brothers are cramping my style!!!!! ;)


  1. Afterwards is not so bad, but the organization (and stress) in advance.
    On Saturday, our three sons play football in different teams and in different cities/villages. My husband works regularly on weekends, so I know what it is...Sometimes I ask help from parents of teammates.
    But I find it difficult that I am not able to solve it myself.

    1. I totally agree! The organization part is the worst! No wonder why I have so much grey hair ;)

    2. Which I also have, grey hair. And think wrinkles!

  2. Hi hi, isa rely sometime new with the tablets and all that, and they are god to have. :-D When our kids was unger, it was the GameBoy, that "saved" us, and we used the the same way, as you use the tablets today. :-D