Saturday, October 4, 2014

Lovely surprise

One thing that I love about blogging (no matter how bad I have been at it lately... but that is another story) is that you actually meet other bloggers! Wonderful people that you would never have met otherwise and whose paths you may never have crossed otherwise :) Recently, Catarina ( helped curb my licorice craving with a much appreciated surprise candy package (thanks again!!) and now Ageeth ( has sent some fantastic Dutch chocolate to me! Rosemary and orange dark chocolate.. can you believe it??

Can you imagine opening up your mailbox, after a very busy day, and finding such a sweet (both the packaging and the contents!!) package waiting for you :) It made my day! I absolutely appreciate the the effort put into the wrappings (heavy cotton stiched around the chocolate, with a cute flamingo stamped on it). The chocolate treat is awesome!! Thank you, Ageeth xox

So thoughtful!



  1. Very glad you're happy with it! It's so fun to do! X

    1. I have to start something like that! It is fun... for you and for me :)

  2. Thats something I also love about blogging. There are rely som nice people around the world and the blog-world is always helping, giving god adveises and sometimes surprise one. :-)
    Your packed are rely lovely. :-)