Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Trip to the zoo

Yesterday, we used our holiday day off to go to the zoo. Nicka and Oliver were very excited to go. Alexander, not so much. He complained that it would be the MOST BORING TRIP EVER because, of course, he is almost 10 and that is what almost 10 year olds say ALL THE TIME ;) Andreas and I were excited to go; it was a beautiful, warm fall day and going to the zoo = no tablet all day long!

Anyway, we had a great time. Even Alexander forgot his early proclamation and had said that it was really fun. The zoo had even made it into a Hallowe'en theme and a lot of people came dressed up so it was really sweet. I think that the animals all appreciated the autumn sun so we actually got to see a whole bunch of animals that are normally hiding.

Now it is back to another crazy week..... :S Have a good one xox

Petting the stingrays

On the way home... it was a fun day!


  1. Love all your photos of the boys having a grate time. :-D I i think your right, the animals are more out and "alive" hven its not so warm :-)
    Have a lovely Wednesday.

    1. I hope that you also have a lovely Wednesday and that your transition back to "real life" is smooth ;)