Saturday, November 1, 2014

Scary Hallowe'en...

The boys had such a good time last night. After Christmas, I think Hallowe'en scores right up there ;)
I had to take the boys with me to work on Friday. Usually this ends up being "THE MOST BORING DAY EVER" but lots of my colleagues brought in candy with them so the boys ended up with a pile of sweets and loving their day with me at work ;) After we got home from picking up Oliver from daycare (he had a great party.... that will be another post), I finished up our decorations at the boys' request. Funny thing is that we weren't even planning on being home for the big night! Oh well... it looked good for a boring non-candy house ;) In the early evening, we had dinner with some friends of ours and then went trick or treating with them in their neighbourhood. There are so many more children where they live and a lot of them all go to the same school as the boys so they had a blast scaring each other. Alexander even had a chance to treat or treat with some friends of his without us... so grown up :P
All in all,  I have to say is that we ended up with WAY TOO MUCH CANDY! Seriously, even if I gave them candy every day- which I am not about to do (yes, again: worst mother ever)- they would never finish up their bags ;) Maybe Andreas and I should be nice, good parents and help them finish the candy ;) Let's just call it "parent tax" ;)
Hope you all had a good Hallowe'en :) See you on the other side of the sugar hangover!


  1. Your sons are really scary!
    The pumpkins are fantastic!
    We do not celebrate Halloween in the Netherlands.
    Although it blows a bit over the ocean.

    1. Some of my friends in Denmark and relatives in Sweden are saying the same thing... Hallowe'en is slowly making its way into their traditions as well. Must be about the candy ;)

  2. Waus your house and blouse looks rely scary - I would trust going into your house. ;-)

    1. You would always be very welcome! Scary.... but cosy ;)