Saturday, November 8, 2014

Feeling better and the school picture situation

Oliver is feeling better. His attitude and full blast personality is back again! Just in time for school picture retakes...
A few weeks back, all three boys had their school pictures done. Alexander's and Nicklas' photos were really nice. They looked great and the pictures came out really well. Then we got Oliver's from his daycare.... hmmmm..... he seriously looked like a cross between PacMan, an old man and a troll. I am not joking. I love that kid but that was definitely not a great photo (insert diplomacy here). The pictures were technically well taken but I know what happened... they told him to smile. When he feels like he HAS to smile, he does this weird smile... kind of like he just bit into a lemon.Needless to say, I took the photography company up on their offers to do a retake so I made an appointment to take Oliver in today. While everyone else was at basketball, I took Oliver downtown to the studio. Amazingly, he totally loved the whole experience!!!! He loved looking at all the cars, he loved the building construction across the street from the studio, he loved the noise of downtown and he especially loved the funky elevator in the building!
Success! The new pictures are really lovely and, bonus, we had a pretty good outing...

We're having guests over for dinner this evening. Yes, real food, adult conversation and a bit of wine. They have boys the same age as Alexander and Nicklas so that is awesome! More awesome is that their boys love Oliver, so it keeps him busy as well ;) Adult conversation... wow- I am looking forward to that!

Before I forget, I have to thank a blogger friend of mine, Ageeth, for her bread pudding recipe! LOVE it! xox

Good evening to all!!!

Oliver, ready for his photo!

A view of Montreal, taken from the studio.

More Montreal.... towards the Old Port.

This was part of the building that was under construction. Not sure what they were up to but I loved the sign ;)

Bread pudding with apples.... yum!


  1. I think your photo of Oliver is also great!
    And how nice that you have had such a cozy get-together (sometimes everything falls into place). Apparently he enjoys that he is fit again and get to go out with his mother.
    The bread pudding !!! How sweet that you made it a picture. It's really tasty and so easy. Glad you enjoyed it!
    And I see sunshine on some pictures!!!
    Enjoy your Sunday, X

    1. Thanks, Ageeth!
      Of course the pudding gets its own photo... I thought it was such a great idea (and it tasted so good)!
      I am appreciating every little bit of sunshine while we still have it :)
      Hope you have a great Sunday too xox