Saturday, November 22, 2014

Light at the end of the tunnel... I mean, semester :)

Over the past week, I have been hearing a lot of the students wishing for the end of the semester. Sometimes, I think that they don't realize that their profs are REAL PEOPLE TOO!!!! ;) WE ALSO WANT THE SEMESTER TO BE OVER SOON! Seriously!
Speaking of semesters, the boys did well on their report cards and we were made to be very proud of them at the parent/teacher interviews. We were told how quiet, well behaved our boys were. Apparently, they work hard and listen well. I am convinced that they were talking about someone else's boys ;) Or the school version is different from the home version ;) Who cares? I am proud!
The remainder of the week (from my last post... poor, neglected blog) consisted of work, homework, my mother and father in law visiting from Sweden, basketball (Alexander and Nicka), soccer (me) and a superfun birthday party (Oliver). Oh yeah, we also had some millefeuille pie to celebrate the boys' report cards :) YUM!
Tonight will be some wine and pulled pork.... MORE YUM!
Happy weekend to you all xox

Isn't all science useful?

Showing his artwork

More artwork...

A hand drawn poster by the illustrator, Bruno St. Aubin, who had visited Nicka's class...

Alexander showing his school portfolio

Oliver just being Oliver... ;)


  1. I like your pictures! Especially the one with the artwork and the glasses!
    It's a blessing that they do well at school and know how to behave! You've done well!
    At home they learn to quarrel and try everything out.
    Happy rest of the weekend!

    1. Thank you, Ageeth! I always hope that they are better behaved outside the house than in the house ;) Hope you had a nice weekend! I love your Sunday post :)