Monday, August 31, 2020

First day of school in 2020... the Oliver edition

Today was Oliver's first day of school. Grade 5... wow! Nicka starts tomorrow and Alexander goes back by the end of the week. Honestly, I am still caught off guard with this whole return to school. Everything seems rushed... heck, I usually have everything labelled and organized a few days before their return (what can I say? I am a school supply geek). I found myself rushing last night to put Oliver's name on all his school supplies. No new shoes. A kind of wrinkly t-shirt. Just remembered to get him to wash his hair last night. It is, however, not only me being unorganized... it is the whole situation. Don't get me wrong... I am not blaming his school or teachers. Far from it... they get extra kudos from me. By rushed, I mean that we just literally went from shut everything down-pandemic-stay home-self isolate-how many people died today-how many people caught coronavirus today-daily press meetings to a sudden opening of everything. It seems rushed. Everything seems too rushed. This summer just sped by without any sort of transition or easing in process. Maybe it is just me? Not too sure. Before leaving home this morning, he chose his mask for the day (with a back up carefully packed) and I reminded him about the extra hand sanitizer in his bag. Andreas reminded him about keeping distance and to wash his hands regularly. Welcome to 2020.

Anyway, was Oliver happy to go back? His words say no but his face upon seeing his friends this morning said otherwise. 

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