Monday, June 29, 2020

A gift of memories

Another birthday present that I received was a big package that I found in my mailbox. The box was big and heavy and had traveled all the way from the Netherlands. My lovely friend Ageeth had sent me a birthday box of memories!

Ageeth and I had become blog friends a few years back and, in 2018, we spent a fantastic weekend exploring Amsterdam together (see here). It is always a funny situation, to spend a weekend with someone that you have never met in person before, but I hit the jackpot with Ageeth! She was exactly who I thought she would be! We both loved to wander around, explore flea markets, enter every cool looking shop, drink rosé wine in cafés and spend some slow time enjoying the city. She treated me to a craft afternoon in a ceramic shop, making our very own works of "art" (hers was much more talented than mine!). Ageeth also patiently hung out while I bought way too many candies for the trip home 😉

Opening this big box from Ageeth brought me right back to our time in Amsterdam: the candies, the beautiful wrapping and details that always reminds me of Ageeth and the vase I had made during our ceramic adventure!

Thank you, Ageeth, for the beautiful gift of memories! Although I cannot physically travel at this time, your box brought me right back. A mini trip to Amsterdam! Let's do it again sometime xox

The vase I made during our ceramic class. OK, I know it is crooked but it takes me right back.... xox


All works of art!


  1. Oh, how I would appreciate another weekend together in Amsterdam! Even more than then, now we have experienced the Corona lockdown. Thanks for your good company!
    Honestly, your vase is much more beautiful than mine!

    1. Let's plan on it! This time, I will leave more room in my suitcase for flea market finds ;) Sending love to you and your boys <3

  2. Happy Birthday and what a lovely present filled with memories :-)

  3. Wauvvv Thise Arne rely lovely pressents. Blog friendship are rely amazing and special. ��