Saturday, July 15, 2017

Back in Copenhagen pt. 2

Actually, I am cheating because I am already back in Sweden. The time in Copenhagen was (too) short but sweet... During my last 2 days there, I had the chance to walk around a new development, which is essentially "recycling" an old warehouse district of Copenhagen (Aarhusgadekvarteret). It was very close to where I used to live when I first moved there (on Aarhusgade). The architecture is very cool and the whole concept of the development is very smart. Then I biked along the coast, up to where we used to live when Alexander was first born (in Charlottenlund.... the not so rich part of it 😉 ). It is a really pretty area and has a lovely marina nearby where I met my friend for coffee (Skovshoved). The day ended with a beer/dinner out with a very old and dear friend of mine (the friendship is old... not my friend 😉).
I always get very sentimental when I visit Copenhagen: we had a very good life there (we still have a good life but you know what I mean) and I appreciate every moment and person which was a part of it! It was sad to leave but, on the other hand, it is hard to be without my boys (even though I could really get into some of those moments of pure silence 😉).
The bus trip back here was fine... wifi on the bus, no one sitting beside me, plug to recharge my phone :) All in all, it was a great few days of "me" time!

Hope you are all having a good summertime so far... Now, please excuse my photo spam...

Bye bye, Denmark! Vi ses!


  1. You may want to continue your photo spam, enjoying each of them.
    Thanks for a nice trip in picture and text, have enjoyed every moment.

    1. Tak Karin! It was a great trip... glad you like the photos :)

  2. Life is good for you and you are good for life, when you revives repeatedly good memories. I hope my English is adequate enough ;-)