Friday, July 7, 2017

Our trip to Lego Master Mecca

This past week, we all (Andreas' sister and her family, farmor, farfar and us) went to Denmark to visit Lalandia (see here) and Legoland (the original... see here). Lalandia was cool but Legoland is Mecca. Honestly, we had a great time: the lines were not too long, the hospitality was amazing and there was something for everyone. Our Lego Masters were thoroughly impressed with the replica of Amelienborg (see here), Nyhavn (see here) and the Star Wars ship that took over 5 million pieces to build it.

The trip started off by taking a ferry from Gothenburg (SE) to Frederikshavn (DK). It was a great way to travel! From there, we continued by car to Billund (see here) where we stayed on the Lalandia site in a really cute house (seriously- I wanted to move in. Love the Danish design ;) ). On the first evening, the boys (even the grown up one) went to the aqua park. I didn't go with them because I met up with a lovely woman that I met through blog land. I have followed Catarina's blog for about 3 years now (see and, through the almost daily comments, now consider her a friend. Meeting her in person was an even better experience!

The next day was our Legoland adventure!!!! From beginning to end, we had a great time! Just when the boys thought that it couldn't get better, we ended the day by going back to the aqua park and had pizza for dinner ;) Awesome in boy-land ;)

We left to go back to Sweden by the ferry from Grenaa to Varberg. With duty-free candies in the car, the boys even managed to sleep a bit of the trip back to the home base. It gave Andreas and me a few minutes where we did not have to say "Don't touch your brother" and "Please stop yelling in the car". All in all, a great trip (no sponsorship... just our own personal enthusiasm)! Legoland can expect 3 more job applications for head Lego model builder in the future ;)

Since there wasn't enough room in the car to bring you all with us, here is a photo spam to share the experience ;)


We are on our way to Denmark!

Arriving at Lalandia

Me with the sweet Catarina

Visiting the goats. This one really liked Oliver ;)

The start of our Lego land adventure!

A replica of Andreas ;)

Ode to my second homeland ;)

Leaving Legoland

The Swedes in front of the Danish flags ;)

The aqua park at Lalandia

Enjoying a cup of coffee during my wait for pizza :)

On the ferry ride home, obviously inspired by the trip

Vi ses igen Danmark!


  1. Great trip to Jutland - Billund - Lalandia and Legoland.
    Your boys have a good age for this experience, creating so many nice things by lego, so there must be knowledge of more than the Duplo bricks ;-)
    Catarina has told you, and your images on IG have also indicated your "date" - as much as you enjoyed, and both of you became a wonderful experience.
    Wish you some wonderful weeks in Scandinavia.

    1. It was so mice to meet her in person! Next time, I hope you come along too :) Tusind tak xox

    2. Yes, it could be so nice :-)