Monday, July 17, 2017

Postcard from Gullholmen

Today, we took the boys to Gullholmen, which is an island in the Swedish Western Archipelago (see here- sorry! It is only in Swedish but Google translate works well.) Admittedly, I knew that it would not be the boys' first choice of destinations but Andreas and I really wanted to go. Having said that, when we walked over to the ocean side of the island, there was TONS of wind and rocks to climb over so the fun started...... and so did my concern over having to visit the local emergency ward ;)

So here is the usual Swedish photo spam... hope you enjoy... we did :)


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  1. Sweden is so beautiful when I see pictures, movies etc. I have only been to Sweden in 1966, and it was a transit to Bornholm, sailing from Simrishamn. At that time there was left driving in Sweden ;-)
    While the kids were children, on their way to the teen, and yes barely grown up, they were outings where some architecture, nature, historical attractions are not just a must, but today my children thank me for these excursions.