Sunday, July 16, 2017

Soccer- Swedish style ;)

In the town where my inlaws live, they have a soccer (I mean, football) team (a real one.. with scores that are announced on the radio and in the newspaper... and that people really care about.... and keep stats about...... and you can buy their team shirt.... and chant their team song.... and they do.... loudly... see here). So, twice this summer (the most recently was last night), we- minus Oliver who decided to play with his cousin instead- went to see the team play and had a really great time. The "stadium" where they play allows you to sit really close to the players... so close that it almost feels like you are on the field with them. Sweden is also so civilized that they serve good coffee and cinnamon buns during the games ;) AND there are next to no line ups for the foods or, importantly, the bathrooms AND it is an open field so you get to enjoy the late afternoon sun... when the weather decides to co-operate! Since where the games are played is in the same small town as where my inlaws live, we even get to walk up to the field (bonus for being able to burn off the cinnamon buns on the way home 😉 ). LSK! LSK! 😉

Wishing you all a happy Sunday! xox

"Our" team is in green...

Boo! The other team scored first... but LSK ended up winning 2-1.

Serious soccer fans ;)

Getting up close

The field

It was an exciting game!


  1. Loved children more names with different understanding - Football/Soccer
    There is a very special relationship to this sport here in Scandinavia, however, women are missing since. Right now there is the EM in Holland, and here is the female Danish national team.
    Perhaps there will be another battle while you are here. Last week the super league began after the summer break here in DK, it's something early I think.

    1. It is funny but, in Canada, most people prefer the women's national team to the men's ;) We try to watch games over the internet when we are home. Maybe we will be lucky and catch the DK team too ;) xox