Friday, January 15, 2016


I always like to make one New Year's resolution. It has to be a personal challenge and something that I can do for the "bigger" picture. This year, I am focusing on happiness as a choice....
We spend too much time blaming outside influences for our happiness: if I lost 5 pounds, I would be happy. If I made more money, I would be happy. If my boys cleaned up after themselves, I would be happy. If my husband listened to me more often, I would be happy. Anyway, you get the picture ;) The thing is that, even if you get what you wished for, you still might not be happy. There will always be something else. Another thing or event or person that keeps you from your happiness. I have decided this year that I will first be happy and everything else can happen. It is a choice... and one that I have to work on. This is my resolution....

Wishing you all happiness... that you make yourselves..... xox

I don't know who originally drew this or where I even got it from but it works ;)