Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Over the last few days, I am noticing a shift in light during the day. When I get home in the afternoon, there is still sunshine... OK... maybe not sunshine, but it is not looking like midnight yet ;) That is good enough for me ;) The quality of light is changing. Does that make any sense? Maybe it is just a defense mechanism but I am feeling optimistic for spring.... Now, don't burst my bubble! ;)

Happy Tuesday to you all xox

You kids need to be outside more! ;)


  1. It's the same here in DK and I just love that the light i coming back. Atleast for som time yet, because soon, we are going to turn the clock forswear and then the light is leaving in the morning. :-/

    1. This time of year (although it usually happens later than this) gives me hope. Moving the clocks is just a sign of getting closer to spring!!! It makes me dance with joy ;) xox