Sunday, January 3, 2016

Last bit of vacation

Warning: this will be a photo spam post ;)

Yesterday, we all went to Mont Tremblant to celebrate the last bit of the holiday vacation. The boys are starting school again in the morning so it was bitter-sweet. We had a good time, hanging out in the snow (**disclosure: while I am not a big fan of snow, I don't mind it SO much when the temperature is hovering around 0C. I just cannot stand snow AND cold. That is just wrong!).

Tomorrow is back to the rushing around-lunch making-school clothes washing-picking up crabby kids at the end of the day-homework supervising. I have to admit that I am a tiny bit looking forward to getting back into the routine (I kind of like knowing what day of the week it is) and somewhat healthy eating (What? Wine and chocolate are not a real food group?), although, this has been a much needed break from it all!

See you back in the day to day ;) xox!


  1. Love alle thous snow photos :-D

    1. Tak, søde! I am happy to share some snow with you ;)