Friday, October 16, 2015

The not-so-baby baby :)

Oliver is a very typical third child: he lives by his own rules. He sees things in ways that constantly frustrate amaze me ;) Even when Oli was a very little baby, his personality was a mix between stubbornness (step 1) and charm (step 2). Trust me, when his eyes shine and he gives you that look, all is forgiven... The charm part has been very important lately as he tells me that, in kindergarten, he only gets 2 small time-outs during the day ;)

I always dreamed about having  3 children and I am blessed to have my dream come true!

Happy weekend to all xox


  1. Your Oliver is so adorable!
    We want the youngest remains little for long, but finally he is also large/great in all respects.
    I did not dream of having children, but also feel very blessed <3.
    Have a good Sunday, X

    1. I am definitely guilty of wanting him to stay little ;) I used to dream of having 4 kids and then I had them ;) 3 is fine! xox