Sunday, October 25, 2015

La Famille Hibou

Oliver has a class project. He brought home the Owl Family (Stella, Lola, Manolo, Alfie, Frida and Charlie) from kindergarten. All the children get to bring the owls home for a night and they learn how to take care of them (they come with bottles, toothbrushes, blankets and tents). Oliver was over the moon when it was finally his turn! It also worked out well for the Owl Family (La Famille Hibou) because they got to come to Mt. Tremblant with us! How cosy!

First, after arriving at our hotel room, Oliver took the owls out of their safe traveling place (ie: our suitcase) and made sure that they were comfortable. They were not allowed to come to the Aqua Club with us (they don't like water) so they got to rest in the hotel room. When we got back after swimming, Oliver took care of them again (he offered them a bottle). They sat on the bed with him and watched some TV while I made them dinner... seriously, I did ;) Baked mouse and veggies... it was pretend but I am sure that they liked it ;) After dinner, we played a bit before getting ready for bed. By 8:30 both owls and boys were tired so it was toothbrush time and BED! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

We woke up this morning and slowly got ready to leave. The owls got some breakfast (not sure what it was because Oliver made it) and then they were packed in my bag because the view was better than in the suitcase. We put the owls in the car while we walked around a bit. Oliver said that they didn't like to walk around anyway.

The owls are now back at our house, getting ready to go back to school tomorrow. We had a great time with La Famille Hibou... hoped they enjoyed it too! Our little trip to Tremblant was a cosy way to spend the weekend. Stella, Lola, Manolo, Alfie and Frida said that they wanted to go back again and try skiing next time.... Have fun with the next family xox

Oliver posing with the owls

All cosy!

La Famille Hibou at Mt. Tremblant

Ready for the trip home!


  1. A short but impressive sleepover! They are cute and Oliver as well.
    He has done a good job!

    1. Oliver thanks you! It was short... but sweet xox

  2. What a cute little family :-) And I cal rely se that Oliver like to have them home.