Monday, October 12, 2015

In the middle....

Sometimes, it is tough to be the child in the middle. When we decided to have a third child, putting little Nicklas in the middle was definitely on my mind. I was worried about having a middle child and whether we would be hurting him in any way. The thing that confirmed our choice in having a third.... more mine, maybe, because Andreas would have been happy stopping at 1 ;).... was that Nicklas had a very strong character. He said what was on his mind and marched to his own beat. Even now, Nicklas never shies away from his opinion.. no matter what ;) In a way, he benefits from the bonuses that Alexander has been given as the eldest, as well as cashing in on the flexibility that I give Oliver for being the youngest. Nicklas is probably the most like me, in his stubbornness as well as his attention for having things "just right" ;) As this weekend is Thanksgiving here in Canada, I am thankful for all my boys. I am definitely blessed....


  1. You are so blessed and so am I!
    Our middle one has the most individual character. I love him for that.