Friday, April 3, 2015

The neighbourhood posse

We are very lucky that our neighbours, who are also close friends of ours, have boys the same ages as Alexander and Nicklas. Bonus is that they also really like Oliver and take care of him in a sort of big-brother way (they first met him when he was one day old!). Today, the boys all got together to go "biking", which in our case was more "scootering" because we haven't had the chance to fill up tires and oil chains on the bikes yet.... OK- we win the worst-parents-in-the-world-award ;) Anyway, between all the biking and scootering (which later turned into street soccer), the boys had a lot of fun. Oliver even got into the act- tricycle and imaginary sword in hand! They absolutely terrorized the neighbourhood and, luckily, no police were called in so all was good ;)

Did I mention that it was 13degrees C today? Did I mention that I LOVED it? ;)

Tough biker guy!

The posse

Watch out- I am armed!

Dangerous with his rainbow bubble sword ;)

Street soccer action


  1. WOW 13 degrees!
    Nice to see them play outside.
    Have a Happy Easter :-)

    1. The warmer temperatures makes it so much more pleasant to "supervise" them outside too ;) Happy Easter to you and your family!

  2. I love when the our boys uses there imagination and invented games, just like yours. :-)
    One thing you should learn them is, to do there bikes them self, because they rely love to "play" bicycle mechanics and ours could use a whole day, just preparing the bikes :-D

    1. That is a good idea! Only thing is that I couldn't find the bicycle pump at all :P Got it now so I'll try your trick ;)