Saturday, April 25, 2015

Art and other activities....

My poor ignored blog ;) This past week has been jam packed with correcting (for me), end of semester stuff (for me), class tests (for the boys)  and their school art gala. Every year, as a sort of fundraiser, my boys' elementary school holds an art gala where the children can show off their talents (the parents even get wine and cheese- I love our school)! Each class has a theme or an artist's style that they incorporate into their work. It is always a success and their art is impressive! Oliver's daycare does not hold an event like that (yet- I am trying to give them the idea ;) ) but, nonetheless, he picked up the art theme as well :)

After this past week, I am looking forward to a quiet Saturday night... wishing you all the same xox

Oliver's Lego creation

Not sure what this is called but it involves a man, ants and big spiders ;)

Nicka showing off his creation :Je vous offre la vie (the earth in the palm of his hand)

Alexander's bamboo themed work

Oliver, colouring at the art gala.


  1. Great idea and awesome designs! I find their proud looks quite nice :-)
    Have a very good weekend, X

    1. The school always does such a good job and all the parents who volunteer are always so creative! Wishing you a good weekend! xox

  2. Thay seelms to have a lovely time :-D
    By the way Alexander looks more and more like teenager - he is rely devoloping :-)

    1. I know! My baby is gone ;) AND the attitude is growing!