Monday, April 20, 2015

Oliver and his balloon

Oliver loves balloons. He especially loves to draw on balloons. This poses 2 problems: 1) the balloons often pop when he colours on them (= bad for him) and 2) he uses washable markers, which means that his balloons leave markers trails all over the house when he plays with them (= bad for me). Anyway, given his love for his unique kind of art, we deal with both of those problems and just keep lots of back up balloons (and cleaning products!) on hand.

Here are some pictures of his recent masterpiece.... it popped about 15 minutes later but, at least, I captured it!

Happy Monday to you all XOX

Many faces!

Faster marker in the west ;)

Serious work!

A red Ninja

A baby



  1. Wauw, thouse ballones are rely colorful and I can imagine that the leves funny marks all over the house, where they hits the wall. ;-) But as long as he has fun and enjoys the process and the play afterwards, I think is worth the "trouble" :-D

    1. He doesn't listen to me anyway so I just quiety give up... and wipe away ;)

  2. A man and his mission ;-)
    Love to see him doing his thing!
    With the third one it is the best to give up (sometimes).

    1. With Oliver, I have no choice but to give up.... He is one stubborn (but cute) kid ;)