Tuesday, April 7, 2020


Not sure where the rainbow in the window started or how far this extends in the world (maybe it is local?) but people here put rainbows in their windows to provide comfort and remind others that we will be OK. Andreas heard about this and put our resident artist on the task. Anyway, we now have our lovely window rainbow up, made with love and good wishes. Andreas told me that I should also put up a bottle of wine in the window too... some of my fellow mothers might appreciate that one as well ;)

Sending love and rainbows (and wine) to you all xox


  1. I understand that putting a rainbow in your window is Danish. A sign of hope for neighbors #detblivergodtigen
    I love this sign!

    1. I looked it up this morning and, interestingly, it seems to have appeared in many countries all at the same time. I love that!! We have #cavabienaller and #allwillbeok. Sending you love xox