Sunday, June 9, 2019

Missing big events

Nicklas' grade 6 graduation ceremony is this coming Friday... and I will be missing it :( Early in the year, I was invited to give a talk at a conference and, lucky me, this conference is in Denmark! I was so excited about it... until I found out that Nicklas' grad was exactly the time of the conference. Andreas assured me that he will be video taping it for me but I still feel sad to miss the event. To make up for it, I took him shopping for his celebratory outfit. I had a good time with him and proud of how he is growing up. He even matched me in the love of picking up a Bubble Tea while we were at the mall.

 I am sorry to be missing this big event but he knows that he will be in my heart on his big night.

On another note, be prepared for Denmark spam as I am leaving tomorrow ;) All I can say is almost 10 days of not making school lunches xox


  1. A step in the big challenge that is called letting go!

    1. You are right! It just is too bad that I watch his important step xox

  2. Du er nu godt på vej til Danmark, og om 10½ time har vi en date. Jeg glæder mig så meget.

    Det er svært når mærkedage for det kæreste guld, dine kære, må vige for jobbet. Håber du har mulighed for at være med med på FaceTime eller lignende, trods tidsforskelle.