Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Snow Day!

Today is a Montreal-wide snow day! Not that I really like snow but this is a snow day like we used to have when I was growing up: all snow and not terrible ice or rain or wet or absolute non-able-to-survive-outside freezing temperatures. It is nice enough to venture outside to go sledding but insane to drive anywhere further than the local grocery store.
I think that, in all, we got over 35 cm since last night and it just finished snowing about an hour ago. The schools all called a day off last night, making it really fun to tell the boys! Even universities proclaimed today a snow day and I cannot remember the last time that happened!
Anyway, Happy Snow Day! It feels good to drink coffee and wear my slippers while I get work done ;)

xox to you all! Safe driving for all those who woke up to massive snowbanks and bad road conditions. To all those who love snow but don't normally get it: don't worry- it is in the mail ;)

This was last night already, just before the schools decided to close today

What we woke up to!

Our cars are somewhere under those snow piles!

Even our snowman looks pissed off ;)
Like father, like son!

After Andreas and Alexander dug the car out!

That is a lot of snow!

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