Thursday, February 7, 2019

Cooker and eater

Oliver could live on air and goldfish crackers... and the occasional pizza... and popsicles in the summer... and birthday cake.... and cucumbers... but that is about it. We have, however, discovered that the chances of him actually eating something goes up when he helps to cook it (full disclosure, it is more cutting stuff up than cooking but it is good enough for him... and for us). He gets really serious about it- insisting on putting on my apron- and carefully cuts vegetables. Andreas even gives him a good cutting knife- which gives me a heart attack- but Oliver always works very carefully...  he's probably safer than I am with knives 😉. Anyway, if he is the cooker, he also ends up being the eater... and I end up feeling better about his diet 😉 Plus he looks very cute with an apron on.... 😉

Hope you all had a great day! xox

PS: he calls himself "cooker" so it is not just bad grammar 😉

Noma, here he comes! ;)

Watch the knife! ;)

Like father, like son! Both with aprons ;)

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