Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Chauffeur service and back seat drivers

Today was a very typical day where all I seemed to accomplish was chauffeuring boys (actually, today it was just one boy... Oliver) to and from activities: to the pool, home, to the pool again, home again, to tennis lessons, home again. All the while, Oliver is looking out the window and delivering a non stop commentary on just about everything from to how others drive (too fast), to how I drive (too slow), to how many red cars he sees (not enough), to how many bumps we hit on the road (too many), to how we do not stop at for ice cream nearly enough... anyway, you get the picture. When we got home, I asked him for a tip and all I got was a clap on the hand and him telling me to keep the change ;) I had to remember that it could be worse... Alexander will be able to drive in just over 2 years. I think that I will enjoy my chauffeur status for as long as I can ;)

Hope you all had a good day! xox

Please note that Oliver did have a seat belt on while we were driving. He took it off before I had the chance to take his picture.

I also don't take photos while I drive... and I try not to drive into parks ;)


  1. Det er et fuldtidsjob at være forældre, ikke kun mens børnene er små, hvor det var bleskifte, mad etc. Jo ældre, des mere bliver det med transport, og sjældent de lige skal samme sted på samme tid.
    Dejligt billede af Oliver. Selvfølgelig havde han sele på.
    Tænkte lige på en lovgivning i Tyskland omkring sele, autostol etc. Der skal børn side på pude/autostol til højden er 150 cm, eller 14 år. Den forklaring fik min datter da hun var ude at købe autostole. Det tænker vi jo ikke lige over at undersøge, hvis vi lige skal til Flensborg.

    1. Haha! That is so true that they are never in the same place at the same time ;) I think that it is actually a good idea to have car seats until they are older but, here, they end up being too uncomfortable to sit in (when he was 7, the seat was too small). I am not sure why they are not made larger. We judged removing his seat by how the belt sat across his chest. How is it like in DK? xox

    2. Det er tidligt sædet var for lille.
      Børn under 135 cm skal være spændt fast i godkendt sikkerhedsudstyr, det skal passe til vægt og højde.
      Min mormor autostol skulle kunne ombygges. Hedder 9 - 36 kg.
      Bøden er kr. 2000,-

  2. Now that our eldest son has his driver’s licence, there is an extra family driver!!

    1. Maybe I can hire your son as an extra chauffeur? ;)

  3. Oliver rely looks like hi is going to be taler than Andreas?
    The chauffeur business isn't going to stop before they move far away :-D