Monday, July 23, 2018

Our "little" hike in the Saguenay Fjord

As most of you know, Andreas is Scandinavian. If you are Scandinavian, you think that you own all the fjords in the world. Haha, Scandinavia! We actually have one here in Québec (you can read about it in this link). A good one too ;) So, true to his Scandinavian roots, Andreas wanted to check out the Saguenay Fjord.... and so we went!

To see the fjord, it is always really nice to climb up a nearby mountain. We were told (the boys and I... by Andreas) that we would go on a "little" hike to appreciate the full beauty of the area (no argument here... it IS beautiful). The only thing that came as a bit of a surprise (to Andreas as well) was that the top of the mountain (ie: best view) was like being on a stair master for 4 hours... on intense ;) I think Oliver started complaining as soon as we started ;) and the only thing that kept him going was the small girl who was right after us. As soon as she got close, he miraculously recovered his energy and made a mad dash to get ahead ;)

Anyway, after not really exercising for a few days, I feel like I have made amends ;) The view from the top of the mountain was absolutely beautiful and I am amazed that anyone would have put the energy into building stone steps up a mountain side. There is a statue of the Virgin Mary at the top so I am assuming it was (or still is) a kind of pilgrimage (details here). On the way down, I had to resist the urge to wish good luck to those starting their climb... especially the girl with flip flops... hope you made it! My biggest word of advice: do it... once... and bring lots of water.

The boys earned their Fortnite session back at the hotel ;)

See you all when we get home again! First stop, a "little" walk in Québec City ;) and then Montréal... xox


  1. Beautiful! You derserve a whole bottle ;-)

  2. Jeg lærte noget nyt i dag. Ikke det samme som Andreas, næsten. Var ikke klar over at fjord oversættes til fjord, troede virkelig fjord var et dansk ord ;-)
    Dine billeder beviser igen at alt er meget større "ovre there" - Ringkøbing Fjord, Limfjorden etc. er jo bitte små, det er jo mine "naboer".

    1. We just concentrate all of your fjords into a big one ;) Andreas was happy that he was able to say a word here that all the local French people understood ;) xox

  3. Wat an awesome vive sooo enormous and geordues :)