Sunday, September 3, 2017

Rainy day

Sometimes, I love a rainy day. It is a good excuse to stay home and enjoy doing nothing (especially when nothing has been planned!) ;) The summer has been hectic... and yesterday was another one of those busy days! Both Alexander's and Nicklas' soccer teams made it to the finals so we had back to back soccer activities/parties for most of the day. I was really happy for them...  and proud... it was a great day.... but it gets me to appreciate the sit-down-and-read-with-no-guilt today! Ahhhhhh!

Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday... rainy or not ;)



  1. My Sunday was filled with sunshine. A very beautiful summer day. And here Monday morning it begins the same way, however, the temperature was only 7 degrees.
    Rain can be cozy, we've just got too much this year, not only silent rain, unfortunately too many cloudburst.

    1. I hope that the weather is better for you... Maybe is naive to wish that we all get a little bit more summer? ;)