Thursday, September 21, 2017

Return of summer

This will be the second week of our return to summer weather! The Montreal Marathon, scheduled for this Sunday, was cancelled... you know why? BECAUSE OF HEAT AND HUMIDITY... seriously! It will be around 29C, without humidity (ie: around 39C with)! In September! Never mind heading south... we have it here.

I am not complaining! Andreas is ;)

PS: I just want to make it clear that we are not being wimps here ;) Afterall, we live through -30C+ in the winter.... and smile (kind of). We also have this kind of weather (ie: +39C)... but in the summer... like in July.... and we don't schedule marathons then ;) But we are thinking of holding them in January ;)


  1. OMG! We finally get some nice weather, but not that hot! Enjoy X

    1. It really feels like summer again... and the hot days... Glad you get some nice weather in return as well. I actually wouldn't mind being able to wear a sweater again :) xox