Thursday, September 14, 2017

Homework with my boys

Today, I will pick on Oliver because he is the one that I last did homework with.... but it is more-or-less the same with the other boys- same core issues, different years at school ;)

This is a brief summary of what it is like doing homework with Oliver:

Me: Oliver, can you please write these 5 words and practice them?

-Cue Oliver's big fit: BUT THERE IS SO MUCH TO DO, MAMMA!!!!!

Me: Oliver, it is just 5 words... and they are short ones.

Oliver: TOO MUCH!!!! Why do we have to write SO much? Mamma, do you know that a wasp bit me today? But Daniel hit him and it started to run after him... like this.... (Oliver shows me how the wasp and Daniel had a duel until death).

Me: Oliver, can you please write these 5 words?

Oliver: BUT WHY???? What does this second word mean? (It was cinq... 5 in French). Do you mean sink?

Me: No, I mean cinq. It is five in English.

Oliver: I know.

Me: Then why did you ask?

Oliver: I have to write all these words. ALL of them?

Me: Yes.

ALL THE TIME, I AM THINKING: IF YOU HAD JUST STARTED TO WRITE THEM, WE WOULD BE LONG FINISHED!!!!! And this was just for one small part of his homework!!! :P

On a funny note, Oliver re-arranged his Lego pencil sharpener over my textbook... I had to admit that it was pretty funny ;)

PS: he did eventually finish writing all 5 words... I emphasize eventually ;)

Happy evening to you all xox

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