Friday, September 29, 2017

Book battles

My boys don't like to read (I am pretty sure that I have shared this bit of information with you before but here it goes again). OK.... Nicklas tolerates it but not much more than that. Oliver likes the pictures but not the reading part. Alexander is absolutely and totally not into it. Reading, for him, is somewhere in between the dentist and going shopping at Ikea. He will make up any excuse NOT to read. This disdain for reading started sometime in grade 4 and is still going strong...

I found this random picture on Facebook and I showed it to him (actually, I wanted to/am still tempted to make it into a poster to hang in his room!). I got an "Alexander eye roll" and a somewhat sympathetic look, kind of hinting that I have a bad sense of humour... and that he is still not into reading ;) I still think it is funny... and pretty accurate ;)

Happy Friday night to you all!!! Woo hoo! It is the weekend :)