Thursday, June 29, 2017

Tips for travelling with children

Here are my best tips for travelling with children (well... at least with mine):

1) Make sure you have Goldfish crackers in your bag... always....

2) Bribe them with some reasonably priced toy that they have been asking for that you have always said no... but only when you get back home... and only if they have been REALLY good ;)

3) Pray to the god of good games and/or good movies on the plane.

4) Bring fully charged tablets (plus means to re-charge them) on the airplane with you.

5) Develop a good system of direct but silent means of communication with your children during the week or so before you leave. I like the point-to-my-eyes-with-a-mean-expression-on-my-face to communicate my subtle point of "I see you and for bleep sake stop touching your brother or else!" ;)

6) Pretend that you don't know them and you were assigned the worst seat on the plane, beside some random boys ;)

7) Ask the nice flight attendant for wine ;)

8) Sit near a family who have as many kids as you... but around 10 years younger... and screaming. Yours will look great by comparison ;) Disclosure: this part was not planned. I did throw the woman the look that says "I was there once and I promise that it gets better. Sending you strength, sister!"

8) Repeat #7 ;)

Love the random guy at the end... he was not with us ;)


  1. Ha ha what a grate list and lots of goodies - that if I ever again get in such a situation ;-D

  2. Wonderful tips.
    Placing families with children together will be perfect if it's just a short trip in Europe. There will always be more unrest when there are children present regardless.
    I have saved your tips as the youngest daughter and son-in-law would like to have me on holiday here sometime in fall / winter before Frida is 2 years old and maybe before Otto is 3 years old.
    Thank you for your tips

    1. You are so sweet! I am sure that you will enjoy travelling with your grandchildren... when the time is ready ;) xox

  3. Your blogpost is like a movie ;-) You did a good job!