Monday, June 5, 2017

Let the craziness begin ;)

Today, Andreas left for a few week's sabbatical in Copenhagen. He will be there for over 3 weeks before he heads to his parents' home in Sweden and we will join him there. I an really looking forward to that but, in the mean time, I will most likely lose all of my marbles ;) It is the most chaotic time of the year (end of school, soccer, soccer, soccer, exams, meetings, more soccer, dog duties, catching up on work before the holidays, packing, getting organized for our trip... on top of the regular family craziness) and- guess what?- I get to do it all by myself ;) Yes, I love my husband... and if he ever doubts it, I will show him all the additional grey hairs that I will earn over the next 3 weeks ;)

Wish me luck... and bring me some wine ;) xox


  1. Ohh dear ohh dear- your a defiantly gonna need that vacation when it arrives I looooooongggggg 3 weeks. :-D

    1. We will have lots of wine together ;) xox

  2. Hate it. Big time. Sorry, I wish I could say something to make it less worse... I wish you the best of luck! And lots of wine of course ... ❤️

  3. You have years of experience, but OMG