Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Today, I had this killer schedule in mind: work from home, run a million errands, try to arrange a pick up from an after school event for Alexander, rush dinner, rush the dog walk, get all 3 boys ready and rush to Oliver's soccer practice, take all 3 boys from Oliver's practice to Alexander's practice, take all 3 boys and rush to the field where one of my teams is playing so I can deliver jerseys for them (I took the night off from playing because it would have been way to late for the boys to stay up- school tomorrow!). Anyway, it rained today. It rained A LOT! It rained so much that all the soccer fields were closed. As much as I enjoy the boys' practices, I also hate rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off ;) So I got to cheat and my schedule looked more like: pick up the boys from their school and take them along to get Alexander from his school event, go home and make dinner, take out the dogs for a walk while the spaghetti sauce was simmering, take the boys out to the now-closed soccer field so they could play with some friends at the park, come directly home, get everyone cleaned up and in bed. I am now enjoying a glass of wine and writing this blog post and...guess what... my head is right where it should be ;)

Wishing you all a peaceful evening xox


  1. How lucky can one be - I'm happy that the day ended up being a quiet and lovely that, rather than a bussing-bee-day. Have a grate Wednesday Celena. :-D