Thursday, June 8, 2017

Things I learned today

These are some things that I learned today:

1) If you leave your eldest son at home with a pomegranate, there is no doubt that your white kitchen will be covered with red streaks upon your return.

2) Ice cream hidden in the bottom of the freezer will not be there when you really want it.

3) If you have to go to the soccer field for a practice, the mosquitos will have been given steroids and multiplied exponentially in preparation for your arrival.

4) You will always need groceries.

5) You will never manage to have all the laundry done.

6) If your youngest son becomes very quiet... in another room... it is always a good idea to check what he is up to ;)

7) Boys like to fight... a lot!

8) If you find dirty socks on the living room floor, it is most likely that they got there on their own because none of the boys in the house will ever be responsible for having left them there.

9) The kitchen floor only remains clean for about 15 seconds after you finish mopping it.

10) When you are in a rush to leave in the morning, someone always has to go for an extended toilet visit at the last minute.

xox to you all!


  1. There are several of your points I can not recognize, even though I live alone. :-)

    1. I am sure! The only difference is that you get to hide them from others ;)

  2. Punkt 1 er altid altid det der sker for mig - jeg kan ikke styre det :D

    - A

    1. Haha! They are like little juice bombs ;)