Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Little things

Some days, it is just the little things that bring happiness to the day. This morning, I didn't have to stress out too much to get the kids out the door (who am I kidding? Yes, I did stress out... just not as much as some other days). I didn't need a hat... or gloves ;) I stopped at my favourite coffee shop for a latte to enjoy on my walk to work. The sun was shining. It is closer to 0C than -100C. I don't have teaching today... just catching up. I love the pants that I am wearing today (yes, a good clothes day). Last but not least, the radio station that I usually listen to at work is playing a lot of my favourite music. It is a good day. Wishing you all the same xox

The snow mounds are not TOO large..

Pretty clear sidewalk. Hey, that is important ;)

Lovely sun!