Saturday, February 13, 2016


It is freezing outside today. Not just a little cold, not just a lot cold but absolutely freezing. I think that we are pretty close to North Pole kind of cold and I am not exaggerating.... I am SO glad that it is the weekend and we can stay indoors :P

I will not say anymore ;) Hope you are all having a good weekend so far. If you are living in a place that has some extra nice, warm weather that you don't need, please send it to us. It would be GREATLY appreciated xox


  1. Your picture is awesome!
    I sympathize with you and hope that spring is coming very soon (for me as well)!
    Have a good Sunday <3

    1. Thanks, Ageeth! Wishing you warm weather, sunshine and sandals ;) xox

  2. Top what an awesome photo - it rely makes me chilli :-D