Monday, August 10, 2015

This weekend

This past weekend was very busy but I can start to see a "shift": the boys' soccer (well, at least for Nicklas and Oliver) is mostly finished for the season- we had the final games on Saturday/Sunday, the weather, although still warm, has more cool mornings/evenings and the days are starting to get shorter. Sad? Yes but I LOVE autumn. Actually, the only thing that I dislike about autumn is that winter is next... and we all know how I feel about winter ;) My soccer season is slowly approaching play-offs time but I sprained my ankle a week ago so I am not playing right now.  Please send quick healing wishes- I could use it! :)

Andreas and I (and kids and animals) spent some time this weekend actually enjoying our balcony (you know- have to have my foot up ;) ). Last evening was even quieter... Alexander and Nicklas had a sleepover at our friends' house. Gee, I hope that they are still our friends after that experience ;) They have 3 boys (+1 girl) so, actually, they are the ones who deserve to have some time off- not us ;)

Today, the boys start their last swimming lessons. I have lots of work-work on my plate but NO soccer practice tonight for Nicklas- ahhhh.... so I might escape the house and get some work done at a local cafe... out? me? maybe ;)

Wishing you all a good and peaceful week xox

Too bad... have to keep my foot up ;)

Beautiful sky

Apple sauce made with apples from our own tree

At the end of the day... :)

Even old cat takes it easy...

Lego Master's latest creation

Lego Master showing off his Mine Craft man