Monday, August 17, 2015

Beach life

Yesterday, I had just planned to hang out at home after my soccer game (yes, I can play again... kind of :) ) because it was REALLY hot. Happily, that did not end up being the case because some lovely friends of ours invited us to go to the beach with them! Perfect way to spend the afternoon! We went to Oka and had a great time :) I always have to laugh when we get together with the W family because, in total, we have 7 kids (6 boys, 1 girl) so we look like a traveling religious sect ;) Or a zoo, depending on the activity level of the kids ;)

Anyway, it was a great outing that ended with a good roadside restaurant and a beautiful sunset on the ferry trip back home. Outings with the W family are always a great time... thanks guys!

Oliver and his favourite pass time!

A lot of other people had the same idea as us ;)

Happy kid

Buddies, chilling
OK, Oliver! Time to go home! ;)

The boys

The religious sect ;) Yes, they are all ours!

Sunset on the ferry


A good day....

.... for all!


  1. There is almost nothing as a day at the beach :-)
    And your photos shows happy faces all over :-D

    1. It was a nice day trip away with good friends!

  2. What a wonderful place to spend a vacation day with family and friends!
    The boys look satisfied ;-)
    And your sunset is beautiful.

    1. We are lucky that this beach is fairly close to where we live. The boys were so happy to play in the water all day :) Thanks!