Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mad Nicka

Yesterday, Nicka had a mad day. You know the kind where they are mad at you but don't know why. Actually, he was mad at everyone. True conversation: "Nicka, what is wrong?". "I am mad at you"."Why?". "Just because." Ummm.... OK.... Sorry- I won't do it again??? :P
Happily, all it took to get him to be un-mad (not a real word but it seems appropriate for the situation) was a trip to the grocery store. He got to help me return the cans (apparently, it is very fun to put the cans into the recycling machine), kept the deposit that we got back (SE/DK translation: pant, $$) and pushed the cart the whole time without Alexander bugging him. Plus, I bought his favourite cereal... Life was good again!

Wishing you all an un-mad day ;) xox

Mad Nicka ;)

Starting to be un-mad... ;)


  1. He needed you only for himself! And helping you gave him a good feeling, I think.
    You did a good job, X

    1. Thanks Ageeth! He wants to go buy the groceries all by himself next time ;) I am scared :)

  2. Hi hi :-)
    I think as Ageeth, that he just needs some time with you alone - he is the middle child :)

    1. It was funny to watch him become un-mad. By the end of the day, he said that he liked me again ;)