Wednesday, July 1, 2015


Yesterday, we took the boys to Liseberg. For the non-Scandinavians ;), Liseberg is an amusement park, located in Gothenburg (second largest city in Sweden, on the west coast). I seriously had to turn off my mental Swedish kroner to Canadian dollar currency converter ;) Mind you, nothing beats Copenhagen's Tivoli for most expensive day ever ;) Anyway, it was worth it: great weather, fun rides, lots of treats, sausages that actually tasted like something... the list goes on...
We had expected to stay until mid afternoon but ended up staying past 6pm. Of course, the boys fell asleep on the way home... happy and coming down from their amusement park high... Liseberg is definitely worth a visit, if you are in the neighbourhood :)

Now be prepared for photo spam!

On our way to Liseberg

We're finally here!

Like father, like son ;)

Another joker in the family


Ready to go

Oliver at the wheel in Farfar's bil

Waiting in line

Nothing like bumper cars to bring out sibling rivalry ;)

Getting even.... ;)

On the boat ride... thankfully, only once ;)


They must be tired... they are actually not fighting ;)

In the teacup....

Eating a Piggelin... a Swedish tradition since 1942 ;)

More Piggelin :)

This is the biggest thing on a Monday night... this is enough for another post ;)


  1. I'll never been there, but it loks like a lot og fun. :-)
    Have you planed to god to Legoland (2 1/2 - 3 hours car ridefrom Copenhagen) Whit the Lego geen your boys hav, I'll think they would LOVE it :D

    1. You are so right- they would love it but I am coming to Copenhagen with my husband only. The boys are staying with my svigermor and svigerfar... :)