Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Copenhagen pt.2

What? Normal people (I mean people without children.. haha) get to sleep in sometimes? AND they get to sit down at a cafe and read a newspaper... the WHOLE thing? AND take off to have a beer with friends when they want to? AND there is this totally strange sound in the mornings called silence ;) OK... I would never trade my boys for anything in the universe but to catch this glimpse of life for a few days is, I have to say, pretty awesome- if not totally disorienting ;) Parents- you totally know what I am talking about ;) Even though this is an appreciated couple of days, I will be anxious to see the boys come Thursday....

In the mean time, more Copenhagen...... xox

This last picture is taken by my good friend Ola... taking pictures isn't pretty ;)


  1. Love to see your holiday pictures.
    Being a mother never stops ;-)
    Enjoy your time 'alone'!

    1. Time alone is always hard to get used to ;) Thank you, Ageeth xox

  2. Sometimes its just nice to be two and without nog children. Glad you enjoyed it :-D