Thursday, February 27, 2014

Winter walk

Today, I had a meeting away from the building where I work. Nice excuse to get out for a little walk ;) Hopefully, this is the last bite of winter (says while waving a little white flag)! Good evening to you all!

A very small heart.... what a find!


  1. Even though that you have got a lot of snow this winter, its still looks rely pretty and cosy, but I know that at one point you just have enough of winter and are longing for sprain to arrive.
    You rely work in a nice aria, with nature around. :-)
    By the way, do you have an histogram profile?

  2. I really like the snow up until the end of the Christmas holidays, then I am ready for spring ;) I definitely live in the wrong country! Where I work is just on the side of Mont Royal in Montreal (McGill University) so we border a nature park. It is nice!
    I have an Instagram profile and will send it to you via your blog! Nice double reason to visit ;) Have a great day!