Friday, February 14, 2014

My new favourite top from Isa Couture

I warned you all! I fell in love with this top (Second Female, Vision Zebra sweatshirt) and, after very careful thought, it is now in my closet ;)  I have to say that I am equally in love with this webshop. Since it is very difficult to find Scandinavian brands that ship to Canada, I am so thankful that Isa Couture offers my favourite styles! Andreas doesn't mind so much because they are Swedish (Gothenburg area) and I am supporting the mother/fatherland economy ;) The sweatshirt is so cosy, well made and fashionable (what? me?). LOVE it... Oh yeah, the worldwide shipping is FREE and very quick :) I will definitely go back for more.

Top came wrapped in a great (and very useful) bag

Love it!

Take that, winter! Zebra power!

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  1. PS: This is not a "sponsored" opinion but a real one..... 'cause I really liked my top ;)