Sunday, April 4, 2021

Happy Easter!

So far, this has been a beautiful weekend! We spent most of the last few days outside, which- after this winter- has been so appreciated. The trees are budding, flowers are slowly coming up, the BBQ has been started up and people are smiling again (well... if they are wearing masks, it looks like they are smiling). 

Wishing everyone a Happy Easter! May the sun be shining down on you! xox

PS: yes, we went for a walk so you get a photo spam ;)

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  1. Dejligt at vågne op til forårets komme. Påsken her var en blanding på vejrkontoen, både sne, frost, regn, blæst og dejlige temp. over de 10 grader, med sol. Så der blev tid til sneboldekamp, og havearbejde 😂