Sunday, October 11, 2020

Glimpses from an autumn walk

 Today was an absolutely beautiful day so our boys begged us to take them on a nature walk in the sunshine... Actually, just kidding... I asked them all if they wanted to come with their loving parents for a walk in the woods but, unsurprisingly, we got grunts and a polite "No, thank you" (at least, I would like to think it was a polite decline)ūüėČ Anyway, WE had a lovely time. The colours were stunning and the warm sun felt so nice. This weekend is also Canadian Thanksgiving so it was the perfect opportunity to feel thankful.

Now, I get to share a little bit of our walk with you. Happy Thanksgiving :)

PS: this is a 15 minute drive from our front door. We are blessed xox


  1. Efter√•ret har s√• mange fantastiske dejlige farver, varmen der ikke er der, gemmer sig, i de sk√łnne farver, og det er disse farver der f√•r mig til at t√¶nke okay, det er en ny √•rstid vi tager hul p√•.
    Glædelig Thanksgiving.

    1. Tak Karin <3 I love autumn but I just wish that winter didn't have to follow ;) xox

  2. Autumn is beautiful, but my heart overflows when the sun shines!
    Lovely autumn walk & pictures Celena!