Saturday, July 18, 2020

Back from the Thousand Islands

We're back 😉

In short: our trip was awesome! We (our family and our close friends, the W family) rented houseboats (one per family... not just because we're still socially distancing 😉 but having 11 people on a boat with only one bathroom would be nuts 😉). We traveled through the beautiful Thousand Islands- Canadian side, of course, because the border is still closed. If you are interested in checking out the boats, see this link. Spending our vacation on a houseboat was really fun... it was like being in a cosy retro cottage on the water. The really cool part was that if you wanted a change of scene, you just moved your little home... without having to pack up and change hotels! Bonus!

We visited 4 different islands in 7 days: Mermaid, Macdonald, Camelot, Gordon, back to Mermaid (the boys loved the swimming and fishing there) and the last night in Clark's Marina (check out was 9am so we decided to head in early... and go to a restaurant). Each of the islands are a part of Parks Canada  (link here) and I have to say that we were all really impressed with how clean and well-maintained each site was. We docked our houseboats and enjoyed what each island had to offer.

The best parts of the trip were being able to spend time together as a family and with friends, enjoying beautiful scenery, having the chance to relax, good wine and good food, a cosy environment, sun, someone who makes awesome Aperols... I could go on forever!

The bad parts.... well, just A bad part... water snakes... that is it. They don't bite (I guess that this fact could also go into the best parts of the trip) but they are pretty freaky (pictures here). Yes, I can speak from personal experience as one decided to sun on my shoulder while I was hanging out in the water, talking to W family mamma. I guess that I should be happy to interact with wildlife but, honestly, I could have done without 😉 I am laughing about it now.... maybe not so much then 😉 I am sure that W family mamma got a good laugh watching me 😉. By the way, I only saw the snake on one island- Camelot- the other islands were clear! I made sure to check it out 😉

Would we do this again? Absolutely! Would I feel good recommending this trip (especially considering I see some of you in real life where you can get even with me)? Definitely! If I haven't convinced you enough, here is a photo spam. See for yourself ;)



  1. Pretty perfect! Living on the water is so relaxing, you immediately forget normal life. Well, the abnormal life this year. It seems to me that puberty and a holiday like this is a bit difficult to combine ;-) I don't like the snake section either!
    Stay relaxed XxX

    1. The boys were (mostly) pretty good. It helped that their friends were there too ;) A glass of wine also helped ;) Hope you are well xox

  2. I was opened to going on one of these houseboat vacays (another friend had done it last summer) until your PSA about the water snakes. So, nope. No thanks. Glad I got to enjoy your photos though. :-)