Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Cool Canadian Music

This post is in honour of Gord Downie, who was the lead singer of the band Tragically Hip. He passed away last night at age 53. If you live in Canada, Tragically Hip songs probably made up a good part of your "life soundtrack". I first discovered them while driving across Canada. I think I picked up their tape (yes, tape.... cassette tape) at some Northern Ontario roadside gas station/store/hotel/bathroom. Every time I hear their music, I see the landscape passing by and a feeling of Canadian pride in my heart.

RIP Gord Downie...  you made some pretty cool music.


  1. It's good how music bring back memories <3

    1. It is amazing... for me, smells are exactly the same... they can bring you back in time and place. Sending you love xox