Sunday, October 29, 2017

Halloween humbug

Hello... My name is Celena and I am not a fan of Halloween ;) There- I said it! Terrible, I know ;)

See, I used to love Halloween. It was a time to hang out with friends... put on outrageous costumes that we put together ourselves... run around the neighbourhood... get some good candy... and enjoy the spooky spirit. Flash forward to being a mother of 3 boys (when I always imagined that I would LOVE the holiday): it turns out that I don't like it at all :(

Early in October, I always offer to take the boys to Value Village to pick up costumes. This year, Alexander is not into it at all so he doesn't come. The other 2 boys just want me to buy an expensive costume (which I refuse to do because that is way too easy). I propose that we hunt down something that we can be creative with and I get blank looks. We leave the store with some white face goop and a plastic sword. During the next 2 weeks, I ask again: what do you want to be for Halloween? Oliver talks about some cartoon character that I have never heard of... nor can I find him/it/whatever online... and I start to think that he invented the character... but he gets frustrated with me for not knowing him/it/whatever. Nicklas just grunts.

As per tradition, Andreas and I propose to decorate the front lawn. The boys are into it for about 10 minutes.... and then leave to do something else... which leaves Andreas and me to finish it ourselves. And this is usually the day before Halloween. And then we have to take it all down 24 hours later... by ourselves ;) This year, we were going to do it today... but it is pouring down :(

Unfortunately, we have NO kids left in our neighbourhood so trying to go trick or treating with others usually involves having to arrange something.... and none of the boys want to hang out with the same kids...and no one ever remembers what time we had agreed upon for pick up time. So I end up sitting in our car, looking creepy ;)

All this for about 3 hours of trick or treating... and a stash of candy that requires hiding if I ever want to get them to eat anything else.... and I usually forget where I put it... and find it a year later when most of the chocolate is kind of grey... or I eat it the night they come back with it... which is even worse ;)

And this year, Halloween falls on a Tuesday... with school at 8am the next day... that usually involves a sugar hangover ;)

Happy Halloween! ;) Wish me luck ;)

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